SA Lightning has successfully installed over 1800 Lightning Conductors over the last 12 years, and has developed market leading earthing systems, that are suitable for South Africa’s extreme weather.

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SA Lightning is proud to have installed many purpose made lightning protection systems for many large Companies all over South Africa. We have also installed Lightning protection systems, lightning conductors, lightning conductor poles, lightning arresters and lightning preventative measures for countless South African homes, restaurants, hotels, buildings, guest lodges, game farms and timeshare resorts.

Lightning Protection System Installations is our Business. We are the Lightning protection System and Earthing installation Professionals

All our Lightning protectors, lightning poles  lightning masts and lightning protection systems are mostly our own lightning protections designs and installations, created and designed over many years’ experience in the lightning protection and lightning prevention industry in South Africa. Our lightning protection systems are in line and according to the specs laid down with Lightning conductor installation regulations South Africa.

Lightning Conductor Inspections

Insurance companies require Lightning Protection Certificates confirming, from Certified Lightning Installation companies, that the Lightning arrester (lightning poles or lightning masts), wiring to the earth, length and position of lightning mast in proximity to the insured property, and earthing of the equipment, is all according to the required specs. SA Lightning installations is such an approved Lightning company that can do all the required tests, do the necessary adjustments or repairs, and then issue such installation and approval certificates. The same applies for established and new installations.

Please read more about the Powerful  Early streamer emission (E.S.E.) below!

Are you looking for the Best, most experience Earthing and lightning protection Companies in Gauteng, Pretoria or South Africa-Look no further! Gauteng is a Province well known for its Thunder storms which is normally accompanied with serious damage. Making an effort to ensure lightning protection system installations to protect yourself is very important. Lightning poles or lightning masts are used as Lightning arresters (or arrestors) to allow the high voltage to flow through lightning copper rods and lightning and surge protection systems into the earth.

E.S.E. or Early Streamer Emissions are very effective for lightning protection of buildings (administrative and public), industries and sport grounds.

Please contact SA Lighting for Lightning Protection System installations.

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  • We are the Lightning Protection System installation specialists in Pretoria.
  • We install Lightning conductors, lightning masts, lightning poles, lightning arresters, earthing systems – ensuring insurance approved lightning protection systems.
  • Manufacture and installation of Lightning Conductor masts from 10m to 30m in length.
    • Installation of Industrial strip conductors.
    • Installation of earth terminals SABS standard.
    • Consultation and Design on earthing systems.
    • Inspection and testing of existing systems on behalf of insurance houses.
    • Issuing Certificate of Compliance for insurance purposes.
    • Repair and maintenance of earthing systems.
    • Solar Panel Protection.
    • SA Lightning are specialist in the protection against Lightning damage to Solar System.
    • We design and install purpose made Lightning Protection Systems to your unique design and setup

    If and when a Lightning Bolt strike, please ensure that your Lightning Arrester pole or mast will be struck and disperse the overload into the earth without causing any potential fire, damage or destruction to your home, lapa or Buildings.

    New Installations

    SA Lightning will do New Lightning Arrester (lightning arrestor) Installations for you…ensuring you with peace of mind.

    Established Buildings

    Insurance companies requires testing of installed Lightning equipment.

    SA Lightning will do this all for you….

  • SA Lightning are the Pretoria based lighting protection professionals
  • SA Lightning protection is Affordable.
  • SA Lightning install Early Streamer Emission – or E.S.E.
  • Early Streamer Emission or E.S.E is a powerful lightning System
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The likes of Waterkloof Air force Base Pretoria Movements and Control buildings,

Madikwe Game Reserve (11 private lodges),

Konka Camps,   Schoonkloof Game Farm,

Inyati Game Lodge,

Blue Moon Lodge,   Protea Glen,

Mabalingwe Game Reserve

(47 Private Lodges), Welgedacht Game Reserve, Pride of Africa Game Reserve  (7 private lodges),

Pretoria Country Club,   Zambezi Motor City,

The Elephant Sanctuary Broederstroom,

SA Army Foundation,   Fuelogic Jet Park,

The Woodlands Office Park Sandton,

Hi5 Office Park Pamona Sanlam etc.


What is a Lightning Arrester                                                          (or arrestor)?

In lightning systems, lightning arrestors   (or lightning arresters) are used to provide protection against power surges and lightning strikes. Lightning arresters are typically composed of materials like ZnO or SiC.

Early streamer emission

Early streamer emission (ESE) air terminals are especially effective for lightning protection of industrial sites, homes, administrative or public buildings, monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds.

During a storm, when propagation field conditions are favorable, an Early streamer emission (ESE) air terminal will generate an upward leader. This upward leader from the tip propagates towards the downward leader from the cloud at an average speed of 1 m/µs.

This emission of an early streamer to a lightning event delivers a beneficial triggering time compared to a single rod air terminal exposed to the same conditions. The beneficial triggering time is determined as the average time gained at the moment of spark over, with efficiency confirmed by high-voltage laboratory testing.

Made in Austria The Austrian company SCHIRTEC AG is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The E.S.E. Lightning Conductor S-AS is in accordance to the NFC 17-102: 2011 and the UNE 21186: 2011 Standards. The product is made of stainless steel, which is confirmed by TÜV Austria. The discharge capacity of lightning is confirmed in the laboratory CTI Vienna

Installation ESE  is simple and fast. The lightning arrester is installed on the top of the building and protects not only the building itself but also everything that is within the protective radius

E.S.E. Early streamer emission Lightning Conductors

The E.S.E. Lightning Conductor S-AS protects from a single point mid-sized buildings and houses

Specification – 30 µs
Material: stainless steel
Size: 55 x 12 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg
Protection Radius: 50 m

Installation Height: 4-5 m

2 19 22 25 28
4 38 44 51 57
5 48 55 63 71
8 49 56 65 73
10 49 57 66 75
20 50 59 71 81
30 50 60 73 85
60 50 60 75 90

h – Installation height
Rp (m) – Protection Radius
I |II | III | IV – Protection Level


The E.S.E. Lightning Conductor S–DA protects from a single point medium and large objects and is suitable for mounting on towers, buildings, villas and large grounds.

Specification – 80 µs
Material: stainless steel
Size: 70 x 12 cm
Weight: 4.1 kg
Protection Radius: 80 m

Installation Height: 5-6 m

Rp (m)
2 31 35 39 43
4 63 69 78 85
5 79 86 97 107
10 79 88 99 109
20 80 89 102 113
30 80 90 104 116
60 90 90 105 120

h – Installation height
Rp (m) – Protection Radius
I |II | III | IV – Protection Level